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RaySim6 is a graphical user interface (GUI) software program for geometrial ray tracing of solar cells that runs under most modern MS Windows Operating Systems. More about RaySim6. RaySim version 6.0 is presently being prepared for free public release, but you can download a beta version and try it out. Please send any feedback or questions to the author, Jeff Cotter.

Please pardon the incomplete help files. They are under construction :-)

Download RaySim6beta (requires MS Windows and a suitable unzip utility)

Getting Started

The RaySim6 Windows - Document/Model View and Results View

Menu and Toolbar Commands

Building Batches

Building Layers

Building Planes

Building Edges

How RaySim6 Traces Rays

Some Important Things that May not be Obvious

Support Free RaySim - How to Cite RaySim; Publications that Mention or Use RaySim6; Collaborate on RaySim Development

About RaySim6 and its Author