UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering
Application of the spectral response of photoluminescence in photovoltaics
Mattias Juhl - UNSW SPREE

Mattias Juhl, at UNSW SPREE, 29 September 2016

Mattias Juhl (35Min)


Mattias Juhl speaks at UNSW SPREE


Mattias Juhl's PhD, the focus of this presentation, investigated the spectral response of photoluminescence. This technique involved monitoring both the sample's spectral lumped photoluminescence and the photon flux incident on the sample for different illumination wavelengths. This presentation outlines the spectral response of photoluminescence is able to provide information about a sample's electrical and optical properties, without the requirement for contact nor junction formation. It will be discussed how that the spectral response of photoluminescence can provide a contactless relative measurement of a samples: External Quantum Efficiency and band-to-band absorptance. The talk will also cover the topic of voltage independent carriers; carriers that remain in the device but do not contribute to the terminal voltage or short circuit current.

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Brief Bio

Mattias Juhl has been at UNSW for almost ten years studying photovoltaics. Starting in the undergraduate degree and more recently finishing his PhD, Mattias has focused his attention on the characterisation of silicon solar cells.