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Here Comes the Sun: Opportunities and Challenges for Vehicle Integrated PV
Bonna Newman - TNO Energy Transition

Bonna Newman, at UNSW SPREE, 6 February 2020

Bonna Newman (62Min)

TNO Energy Transition

Bonna Newman speaks at UNSW SPREE


Transportation accounts for almost 25% of global carbon emissions. In the coming decade, transport is expected to shift significantly away from fossil fuels to electric power, but the impact of this shift on carbon emissions will depend on the source of electricity for charging. In this environment, on-board PV - PV integrated into the body of the car - offers an attractive solution for sustainable power, relief from range anxiety and new opportunities in automated and autonomous transport. Realization of vehicle integrated PV requires taking advantage of the established PV supply chain to engineer safe, robust, affordable, and attractive PV modules with enough power to contribute to the powertrain demand. At TNO, the applied science institute of the Netherlands, we are working with a new car manufacturer to realize such a concept for a commercial passenger car, with a focus on safety and performance. I will discuss the successful first prototyping of a car roof with greater than 19% efficiency, as well as the challenges in terms of dynamic environments and ensuring safety and roadworthiness of mobile PV.

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Brief Bio

Dr. Bonna Newman is a Senior Scientist at TNO Energy Transition in the Netherlands since 2013. She received her PhD in Experimental Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008 and was the Clare Boothe Luce Postdoctoral Fellow at the MIT Energy Initiative where she studied defect engineering in materials for PV. She was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Twin Creeks Technologies in San Jose, California, developing strategies for light management in c-Si HJT devices. Now at TNO, she is the Program Coordinator for both PV in Mobility Applications and c-Si Module Technologies.