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Tiger Pro: Latest TOPCon research progress in Jinko and industrial innovation discussion
Xinyu Zhang - Jinko Solar

Xinyu Zhang, at UNSW SPREE, 10 March 2021

Xinyu Zhang (55Min)

Jinko Solar

Xinyu Zhang from Jinko Solar speaks at UNSW SPREE


Dr. Xinyu Zhang from Jinko Solar R&D is going to talk about their latest research progress on TOPCon solar cells and discuss some other industrial innovation development. If you have interested topics want to be discussed, he might share some insight from industry perspective. A better and more productive collaboration between UNSW SPREE and Jinko Solar can also be discussed.

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Brief Bio

Dr. Xinyu Zhang received his Bachelor of PV engineering at UNSW in 2010 and then the PhD of Engineering at The Australian National University, where his major research interests have been focused on Si solar cell surface passivation and passivating contacts novel structures. In 2016, Dr. Zhang joined Jinko Solar R&D, and he is now acting as the Solar Cell R&D Department Director, responsible for new techniques and products development.