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Rod Mitchell - Citizens' Climate Lobby

Rod Mitchell, at UNSW SPREE, 20 March 2015

Rod Mitchell (57Min)

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Rod Mitchell speaks at UNSW SPREE


This talk will describe the work the Citizens' Climate Lobby is doing to address climate change, by working closely with legislators to encourage them to adopt an efficient price on carbon. Its approach and the rationale behind it will be described and its results to date will be examined. Its potential for creating a much bigger market for renewables and freeing up investment funds for research in renewable energy will be discussed.

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Brief Bio

Rod Mitchell is the National Coordinator of Citizens Climate Lobby, Australia. He has just returned from a visit to the US where he immersed himself in the work of CCL in its country of origin. He is working to build CCL in Australia to build political will for ta stable climate. He has an M.Sc in Environmental Psychology and been working on the social and emotional aspects of human interaction with the environment for many years. Rod is also the father of our lovely Emily.