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Solar academy - Introduction of large scale PV plants
Philip Kao - SMA Australia Pty Ltd

Philip Kao, at UNSW SPREE, 4 July 2019

Philip Kao (52Min)

SMA Australia Pty Ltd

Philip Kao speaks at UNSW SPREE


Australia has reached 21% of renewable energy penetration in average national wide. The cumulative installed large scale PV system by the end of 2018 reached more than 1.8 GW. More than 60 PV plants were delivered and started to generate power into the transmission line. This talk will discuss large scale solar inverter features on the DC safety, earthing protection, step up medium voltage power transformer, medium voltage switchgear, plant SCADA and inverter power quality output control topology based on experience gained in SMA during the last two years.

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Brief Bio

Mr. Philip Kao, BEng/BCom, is one of our UNSW PV graduates. After completed the university degrees, he joined the Australian roof top solar revolution for the residential and commercial PV industry in the early years. Later on he focused on the large utility scale solar with SMA in Australia and the Asia Pacific region since 2014.