UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering
Uncertainty, opportunities and risk for 21st century energy systems
Paul Rowley - Loughborough University, UK

Paul Rowley, at UNSW SPREE, 16 June 2016

Paul Rowley (61Min)

Loughborough University, UK

Paul Rowley speaks at UNSW SPREE


The interconnected nature of complex systems-of-systems presents particular challenges when trying to predict the ‘triple bottom line’ outcomes of new energy frameworks that include technical, policy, regulatory and market innovations. This seminar explores the nature of this complexity using case studies ranging from device to whole-system scales, based on research being carried out at Loughborough University, UK. Some of the analytic techniques employed will be examined, including data-driven stochastic and probabilistic techniques, together with their practical applications when striving to understand of the consequences of new energy system outcomes. Finally, synergies within the Australian and Asia-Pacific context will be discussed.

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Brief Bio

Paul Rowley obtained his PhD in Materials Sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK and has over 25 years academic and industrial experience within the international energy sector. This includes R&D within the nuclear, coal and solar industries at the National Research Council (Canada), the National Physical Laboratory and BNFL (UK) and the University of New South Wales (Australia), together with commercial experience at BP Solar. Since 2008, Paul has led the Multi-scale Energy Systems Analysis (MESA) group at CREST, Loughborough University - the UK’s largest renewable energy research centre. The team consists of academics, post-doctoral and PhD researchers working together on some of the complex challenges involved in achieving effective sustainable energy systems in a carbon-constrained world.