UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering
Teaming up for the solar powered future
Nick Engerer - Australian National University

Nick Engerer, at UNSW SPREE, 13 April 2017

Nick Engerer (57Min)

Australian National University

Nick Engerer speaks at UNSW SPREE


Billionaires making bets. Politicians banter on. A new CEO arrives for AEMO. A new gas plant planned for South Australia, but gas hasn’t kept the lights on. New Snowy Hydro tunnels against a backdrop of pumped hydro potential. Battery funding schemes in SA, VIC and the ACT. A 23% Renewable Energy Target fast approaching. 12 new large solar farms announced with dozens more in planning phase. The Australian electricity sector is primed for transformation. But will it be a transition towards more centralised power in the form of gas generators and big hydro? Or will it be distributed and democratised? Most importantly, from a SPREE perspective, what role will solar play? Dr. Nick Engerer sees massive opportunity for solar technologies in Australia, where the biggest barrier to success is a lack of unity across the sector. The solar powered future requires our collaboration, cooperation and therefore a re-think of our perspective. In this visiting talk, we’ll look at the big picture and emerge with big ideas on how we can build the solar powered future.

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Brief Bio

Lecturer at the Australian National University with industry focused, high penetration solar research objectives. Nick is also the CTO Solcast, a solar data services company offering solar forecasting and historical data globally including freely available data for research use. Dr. Engerer is the Chief Investigator on $3.6M ARENA project with eleven distribution network partners developing distributed solar modelling and forecasting software for their operations rooms. Nick is passionate about developing & promoting research projects which connect ANU research to industry-relevant outcomes. He operates upon a philosophy of enablement - genuinely wanting to know, 'what can I do to help your renewables research succeed?'