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How to cool Australian cities by 2 degrees by 2020?
Michael Mobbs - Author and Environmental Consultant

Michael Mobbs, at UNSW SPREE, 16 March 2017

Michael Mobbs (47Min)

Author and Environmental Consultant

Michael Mobbs speaks at UNSW SPREE


Black roads, dark roofs and no trees heat up Australian cities by 6 or more degrees. Let’s look at solutions. The solutions are based on this idea: cool our cities by motivating property owners to harvest water, plant trees and plants, build cool exteriors to their buildings. Do this with financial incentives.

By themselves governments cannot cool cities; without property owners initiating cool buildings, planting trees, harvesting water to grow them our cities will stay hot. Property owners will act of their own free will if they make money, their property value increases and they get financial rewards for cooling their house and their street. Rate rebates, fast track approvals, deemed-to-comply designs for cool houses and roads work and can be revenue neutral for governments.

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Brief Bio

Michael Mobbs practised environmental law from 1978 to 1990 then made his house low bills so that for the last 20 years his energy and water bills in a three person household are less than $300 a year. No water or sewage has left his house in 20 years and over 2 million litres of it has been kept on his Chippendale garden that’s less than 10 m2. Chippendale began growing food in the road verges and now anyone can grow food on Sydney City streets without approval. Simple solutions work at the house and anywhere.

Michael Mobbs, 'Sustainable Food' ISBN(1920705546)
Michael Mobbs, 'Sustainable House 2nd ed' ISBN(192070552X)