UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering
Controlling and storing solar power
Michael Gartner - Photon Energy Australia

Michael Gartner, at UNSW SPREE, 25 June 2015

Michael Gartner (58Min)

Photon Energy Australia

Michael Gartner speaks at UNSW SPREE


For off-grid locations and in many cases behind the meter, power storage in chemical batteries is one of the most effective solutions we have; forthermore, as we know from mobile phones and portable computers batteries can be deployed anywhere. Chemical Batteries are the fastest developing area of energy storage including LiIon, VRB, ZBM, VRLA, AGM, NiMh, NiCd.... but it is not without a challenge. Most battery systems we have today are very small (Wh's or kWh's); if we want to store MWh's we need it to manage much larger currents and voltages and still be safe and reliable. Photon Energy has spent many years developing and perfecting its monitoring and control system. This talk will discuss the challenges and the solutions assosiated with the storing the solar power.

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Brief Bio

Michael Gartner is an economics graduate of the University of Newcastle, Australia and an MBA graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology New York, USA. Michael's career began in investment banking with ING and Commerzbank in Prague. In 2007 Michael began developing Photovoltaic solar projects in Europe and later he co-founded Photon Energy which was listed on New-connect segment in Warsaw and has since expanded across Europe and back to his home country Australia. Photon Energy is an integrated solution provider for SCADA, solar power and power storage solutions. Photon Energy has successfully completed over 50 MW of solar power plants and operates over 170 MW of solar PV power plants in Europe and Australia. In 2011 Michael moved back to Australia as Managing Director of Photon Energy Australia Pty Ltd. Photon Energy Australia has successfully built, financed and commissioned commercial behind the meter projects ranging from 99 kw to 284 kWp and recently commissioned the plug and play 215 kWh containerised solar power storage system at bai's Muswellbrook radio antenna site and now offers this as a multi-purpose power storage solution for commercial customers, utilities and large energy consumers. With over 70 people world-wide Photon Energy has a local team of experts based in Sydney serving the whole Australian market. In Australia Photon Energy is focusing on full service solutions for medium to large scale power consumers both grid and off-grid including long term operations, PPA's and financing options with industry leading reliability and performance guarantees.