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Opportunities for Australian participation in the global energy storage challenge
John Wood - Ecoult - www.ecoult.com

John Wood, at UNSW SPREE, 6 December 2016

John Wood (63Min)

Ecoult - www.ecoult.com

John Wood speaks at UNSW SPREE


Given from the perspective of the experiences gathered leading the Ecoult effort to commercialize the CSIRO invented UltraBattery® globally:

In our journey at Ecoult we have travelled from work on fundamental battery chemistry, through product development and the process of understanding and linking the core technology capabilities of UltraBattery® to market needs, and into competition at a local and global level in both k/W and M/W scale energy storage. Along the way we have encountered the opportunities and challenges that come from being at the leading edge of energy storage, an enabling technology that complements renewable generation and can change electricity market dynamics. The presentation will give a technology perspective as well as one based on the impact of industry influencers like funding and government industry policy.

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Brief Bio

Ecoult CEO John Wood has built and led technology companies throughout his career and is a passionate advocate of the potential for energy storage to support growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He joined the energy storage community in 2008 having previously launched technologies globally in Security, Identity, Payment Technology, and Telecommunications. John has built Ecoult from its beginnings as the Australian license-holder of UltraBattery® technology into a global developer of kW-scale and MW-scale energy storage solutions with large projects installed around the world..