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Federal election 2019: Boom or bust for renewables
John Grimes - Smart Energy Council

John Grimes, at UNSW SPREE, 8 May 2019

John Grimes (48Min)

Smart Energy Council

John Grimes


Climate change is accelerating. At the same time renewables have become the cheapest way to generate electricity. So a massive swing to renewables is inevitable, right? Not so fast.

It turns out this federal election has become the defining moment for our industry. More coal being built is a genuine possibility. But so is a rapid transition to a clean energy future. How do the numbers look? who is pushing what? and how can you impact Australia (and the world’s) future? Hard hitting, challenging, and empowering - busting through and backing the boom…

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Brief Bio

John is the Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, a not for profit organisation, which is the national voice for the solar, storage and smart energy industry.

In his role as CEO of the Smart Energy Council he has grown the profile and influence of the organisation. John is regularly called upon, by the media, to provide relevant and independent comment in these areas.