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Supporting expansion of renewable energy: How can solar forecasting help?
Ivar Houke - Reuniwatt

Ivar Houke, at UNSW SPREE, 13 June 2019

Ivar Houke (46Min)


Ivar Houke speaks at UNSW SPREE


Solar is a fantastic source of energy. It is abundant and expanding photovoltaic (PV) production doesn’t deprive the environment, nor create any dangerous waste. The drawback is its intermittency. While storing energy is the most obvious way to address this issue, anticipating output drops and PV production is also valuable:

• On hybrid installations, solar forecasts enable optimisation of fuel consumption, leading to substantial savings.

• When PV arrays are coupled with energy storage, insight of conditions ahead also enables optimising storage.

• On large grid-connected solar farms, short-term forecasts help achieving compliance with AEMO’s requirements and can cut-down Ancillary services charges, by improving Causer Pays Factor.

• Portfolios / territory solutions can also help with grid-management.

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Brief Bio

Architect and Engineer Ivar’s background is sustainable construction. After volunteering with Emergency Architects following 2004 Tsunami to assist with reconstructions in Indonesia, he turned to developing Net Zero Energy facilities and building renewable power infrastructures.

Recently, he has been leading digital monitoring improvements on utility scale facilities, and as Australian Market Representative for Reuniwatt, developing energy forecasting solutions to optimise grid management and hybrid installations production.