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Drivers for progress in PV based on LCOE simulations – past, present & future
Hartmut Nussbaumer - Zurich University of Applied Science

Hartmut Nussbaumer, at UNSW SPREE, 12 April 2024

Hartmut Nussbaumer (60Min)

Zurich University of Applied Science

Hartmut Nussbaumer speaks at UNSW SPREE

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Electrical energy from photovoltaics has become a cornerstone of the global electrical energy supply. The development of the photovoltaic industry has been characterised by changes in the political framework, technical developments and the LCOE for photovoltaic electricity over time.

This seminar contribution shows how the technical developments in the various time periods can be derived by analysing the LCOE in the respective periods. When estimating the current LCOE, particular attention is paid to the significance of area-related costs and degradation. The analysis shows that future developments in photovoltaics, in addition to the existing approaches to increasing efficiency, are primarily concerned with validating the existing technology, avoiding bottlenecks in raw materials and new system approaches that further reduce the LCOE, reduce the area required, create additional benefits, but also take into account the time-dependent electricity price in the future.

In the seminar contribution, some previously unpublished theses, analyses and research contributions from current activities at the UNSW as well as from PV research at the ZHAW in the field of photovoltaic systems, such as PV in combination with green roofs, use of reflectors, simple tracking systems for roofs, are presented, which result from the derived requirements for future PV systems.

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Brief Bio

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Nussbaumer studied Physics and made his PhD in 1996. Since 1991 he has dedicated his work to photovoltaics.

After research stays in the USA at AT&T Bell laboratories, at Eurosolare in Italy, he held leading positions in the photovoltaic industry at sunways, centrotherm and RENA in the areas of research & development and production. As managing director at sunways production GmbH, he was responsible for the instalment of solar cell manufacturing site on green field in Germany.

Currently he works as professor at the Zurich University of Applied Science heading the research group photovoltaic at the institute of energy systems and fluid engineering.