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Analytic Description of Zinc-Blende Nanocrystals as Function of Size, Shape and Surface Orientation to Interpret Solid State Spectroscopy Data

Dirk Konig, at UNSW SPREE, 17 November 2016

Dirk Konig (52Min)


Dirk Konig speaks at UNSW SPREE


Semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) transfer charge to and experience stress by embedding materials/ligands or impurity atoms which reflects on their environment, possibly leading to matrix deformation, propagated strain and alternations in their electronic structure. I derived analytical number series as tools to obtain the number of NC atoms, bonds between these NC atoms and NC interface bonds for seven high symmetry zinc-blende (zb) NC types with low-index faceting. With these, I introduce a universal gauge to evaluate stress impact on NCs and their response as function of NC size. These fundamental insights into NC structures allow for major advancements in data interpretation and understanding of zb- and diamond-lattice based nanomaterials.

In this seminar, I will touch on the derivation of number series and then focus on their application in solid state spectroscopy such as Raman, FT-IR, PL, EPR/ESR, TEM, XANES, and UPS. As for solar cells, the algorithms can serve to predict and evaluate the origin and structure of grain boundaries in poly-Si layers and of strain-balanced growth and associated defect generation in embedded III-V NC systems

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Brief Bio

Study of System Theory and Solid state Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany and University of Hull, Yorkshire, UK 1997: University Diplom (Dip. Ing. EE) with 1,0 (Top 1st Class Honours) 1997 - 1999: Resarch Engineer, BMBF Project 'Increase of Open Circuit Voltages of MIS Solar Cells', Chair of Electronic Devices, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany 2000 - 2003: Additional study and work on PhD in Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, Institute of Physics, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany; 2004: Rigorosum and Defence to Dr. rer. nat. (Ph) on 'Insulator layers (AlF3) With Fixed Negative Charges and Their Application to Si Solar cells', with Magna Cum Laude (1st Class Honours) 2004 - 2005: Post-Doc in Materials Modelling group, Project 'Supercomputer-Based Modelling of Novel Dielectrics for ULSI', AMD Europe, Dresden and Chemnitz University of Technology, both Germany 2005 - 2014: Head of Theory and Characterisation, 3rd generation Strand, ARC PV CoE / SPREE, UNSW, Sen. Res. Fellow from 2010 2015 - : Deputy Director (Research) Integrated Materials Design Centre (IMDC), UNSW and Sen. Res. Fellow, Material Theory and Characterisation, SPREE