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PV Performance and Reliability
David Moser - EURAC

David Moser, at UNSW SPREE, 1 August 2019

David Moser (55Min)


David Moser speaks at UNSW SPREE


Results in recent solar PPAs and tenders present projects with extremely low bidding price with solar now the cheapest source of electricity in many parts of the world. This is enabled by access to low cost of capital and by the rapid reduction in the cost of components. The low establishment costs puts pressure on the operation and maintenance and on the overall quality of a PV project.

The assessment of performance and the quest for reliability along the whole value chain thus acquire a new dimension and requires the development of novel methodologies and solutions. New advanced analytics can be used, along the whole value chain, based on the concepts of Industry 4.0 and with benefits visible in the operational phase that leverage knowledge at PV component and system level. Learnings are extended by linking datasets in procurement, monitoring of performance and ticketing systems. Sensors and diagnostic tools used in the field, included in the information flow, generate insights. Using algorithms developed for big data analysis, we can generate information and useful indications to support “actions”, to be performed in predictive maintenance and management of other business activities (warehouse, orders etc.). The ultimate goal is to optimize the decision-making process, minimize the time and operating costs of O&M companies and maximise the profitability of asset managers’ portfolio by improving the up-time PV systems.

The talk will cover the work done within the framework of the IEA PVPS Task on Performance and reliability of Photovoltaic systems as well as the COST Action PEARL PV, H2020 EU funded projects Solar Bankability and Solar-train and will present results in terms of performance and reliability of PV modules and systems, the development of a technical risks assessment framework in PV projects, and how this can be used as a decision support system tool for next generation services, tailored to O&M and asset owners/managers.

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Brief Bio

David coordinates the activities of the Research Group Photovoltaic Systems of the Institute for Renewable Energy, EURAC, Bolzano, Italy. His work focuses on characterising indoor and outdoor behaviour, performance, and reliability of PV modules and systems, building integration of PV systems, and monitoring of outdoor PV plants. He is also active in PV potential studies on a regional scale. He is currently member of the Steering Committee of the European Technology and Innovation Platform ETIP-PV, Subtask leader within the IEA PVPS Task 13 on Performance and Reliability and is vice chair of the Cost Action network PEARL PV.