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Daniel Inns - DuPont

Daniel Inns, at UNSW SPREE, 11 March 2016

Daniel Inns (52Min)


Daniel Inns speaks at UNSW SPREE


DuPont has a long history in the field of photovoltaics – providing quality materials for solar cell and module manufacturing for over 30 years. I will review the history of DuPont, and some of the main products being used in the PV industry today. I will also give a flavor of DuPont’s corporate R&D activities by reviewing some of the recently published scientific works in the field of photovoltaics.

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Brief Bio

Daniel Inns joined the school of PV Engineering as an undergraduate in the first year the program was launched. He worked at Pacific Solar and as a technician in the PV labs before embarking on his PhD in the thin-film silicon group. He then did a postdoc at IBM's central research labs in New York before moving to Silicon Valley; working in smaller start-up companies before being acquired by DuPont 5 years ago. He currently works on a variety of PV technologies, with enhanced focus on silicon solar cell metallization.