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Carbon management in the photovoltaic industry: trends, requirements, standards, and certification
Dan Liu - TUV Rheinland

Dan Liu, at UNSW SPREE, 3 November 2023

Dan Liu (52Min)

TUV Rheinland

Dan Liu speaks at UNSW SPREE

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With increasing requirements of countries for low-carbon products, photovoltaic enterprises need to ensure the environmental friendliness and sustainability of their products, by disclosing environmental impact information, reducing the environmental impacts in the production process, improving resource utilization efficiency, and ensuring their products meet relevant environmental standards and certification.

As an important participant in the global photovoltaic industry, China has made remarkable achievements. In this presentation, Dan will talk about product carbon management, including life cycle assessment (LCA), product carbon footprint (PCF) assessment, environmental product declaration (EPD), product environmental footprint (PEF), ecological design and green products, etc, and the latest requirement of these labels for PV panels and PV enterprises. Carbon management can help enterprises achieve organizational carbon neutrality by monitoring and evaluating the carbon emissions of products and enterprises. And cooperating with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, can promote low-carbon management of the entire value chain. Through effective carbon management, photovoltaic enterprises can reduce carbon emissions, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce operating costs, enhance their global competitiveness, and respond to the urgent global demand for a low-carbon economy and sustainable development.

This SPREE seminar is in conjunction with the Life Cycle Assessment guest lecture, invited by Dr Rong Deng.

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Brief Bio

Dan Liu is a project manager at TUV Rheinland. Before joining TUV Rhineland, Dan completed a Master of Photovoltaic Engineering from UNSW in 2018. Dan is responsible for carbon service for PV enterprises including life cycle assessment, production carbon footprint assessment, and environmental product declarations. She did the EPDItaly project for Jinko, the LCA projects for Trina, IEC TS 62994 project for Longi. With the development and promotion of carbon service in the photovoltaic industry, Dan has helped increasing number of PV manufacturers understand the importance of carbon management and enhance their global competitiveness under dual-carbon strategies.