UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering
Advanced inline characterization of crystalline silicon solar cells
Axel Metz - HALM

Axel Metz, at UNSW SPREE, 24 March 2017

Axel Metz (49Min)


Axel Metz speaks at UNSW SPREE


Due to recent progress in crystalline silicon solar cell development the resulting manufacturing process sequences are getting more complex and more sensitive to process deviations. In order to control these processes efficiently new and advanced inline characterization methods are introduced into production lines. In this presentation a simple IV measurement method for high capacitance cells, electroluminescence and infrared imaging for crack and hotspot detection, respectively as well as a two wavelength inline spectral response measurement are discussed. More over approaches for the precise measurement of new cell designs such as busbarless and bifacial cells will be presented.

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Brief Bio

Axel Metz received a master of science degree in Applied Physics. He performed his Ph.D research on highly efficient crystalline silicon solar cells at the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin/Emmerthal (ISFH). From 1998 to 2001 he headed the PV department at ISFH. From 2002 to 2012 he was with SCHOTT Solar as director R&D solar cells. Currently he is managing director of h.a.l.m. elektronik GmbH, a worldwide leading supplier of IV-testers for PV cells, modules and systems located in Frankfurt, Germany.