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Embracing Clean Energy for Community
Andy Cavanagh-Downs - Embark

Andy Cavanagh-Downs, at UNSW SPREE, 14 November 2013

Andy Cavanagh-Downs (57Min)


Daniel Macdonald seminar at UNSW SPREE


Brief outline of the talk:

- looking to show why community involvement is important

- using Hepburn Wind as an example of what can be achieved / contrast to commercial projects

- highlight what Embark focuses on and why

- highlight areas and ways that sensibly integrate community participation.

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Brief Bio

Andy joined Embark after working in finance for over 10 years in Zurich, London and Sydney. Most recently, Andy was a Managing Director at UBS Wealth Management, where he headed the product team for the Australian operations and led the re-design of the IT platform. He has extensive experience in capital raising, project design, project implementation and strategy