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100% renewable electricity
Andrew Blakers - Australian National University

Andrew Blakers, at UNSW SPREE, 29 August 2018

Andrew Blakers (54Min)

Australian National University

Andrew Blakers


Solar photovoltaics and wind power are the #1 and #2 generation technologies in terms of global net new capacity additions respectively. The growth of PV is fast enough to entirely supplant fossil fuels worldwide within two decades (with consequent 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions). The time frame depends mostly on politics. PV and wind energy offers our only realistic chance, but an excellent chance, of avoiding dangerous climate change.

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Brief Bio

Andrew Blakers is Professor of Engineering at the Australian National University. His research interests include photovoltaic energy systems; silicon solar cell technology, solar concentrators, energy storage, integration and sustainable energy policy. He is co-inventor of PERC and Sliver cell technologies. He is a leading figure in discussions of 100% renewable energy futures, including pumped hydro energy storage.