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Alan Pears - RMIT University, Melbourne

Alan Pears, at UNSW SPREE, 17 November 2016

Alan Pears (57Min)

RMIT University, Melbourne

Alan Pears speaks at UNSW SPREE


This presentation is based on a presentation to the APEC Energy Ministers’ Conference in the Philippines in October 2015. It presents a ‘systems and services’ perspective on the role of clean energy solutions energy in society and ways we can deliver energy-related services in cost-effective, reliable and carbon-neutral ways. It highlights the disruptive and rapid change that is occurring, and the emergence of integrated solutions involving different technologies and business models.

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Brief Bio

Alan Pears is a Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University, and has worked in the clean energy sector for almost 40 years, playing leading roles in appliance, building, industrial and commercial sector energy efficiency policy and programs. He recently published an e-book (through the Alternative Technology Association) drawing together his regular energy and climate policy columns in ReNew magazine from the past 20 years. At present he is working with A2EP (the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity) on their ‘next wave innovation’ roadmap, which explores major energy innovations that could play significant roles by 2030.