Gadgets & Toys

Our labs currently have the following instruments and experimental capabilities, and we are in the process of procuring additional items:

- Low, medium, and high temperature measurement equipment (t/c, rtd, thermometers)

- High temperature calibration

- High metal alloy materials

- High temperature thermal insulation


- Rooftop dish concentrator with a 2.45m diameter


- High flux, water cooled optical power meter

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- Low medium and high temperature solar thermal testing equipment


- Sensitive FLIR IR/Visual cameras


- A nanoparticle tracking and analsys system - the Nanosight LM10


- Several complete data aquisition systems

- An Epi-fluorescence microscope and a micro-PIV system are also available

- Lastly, our labs have access and/or licences to several types of modelling software: CAD, CFD, Optical design and ray tracing, TRNSYS, Labview, FactSage, Matlab, etc.



The group's research interest is in the development of renewable energy harvesting technology. Specifically, seeking to realise next generation working fluids and solar thermal collectors. To develop these technologies, current research is conducted in the fields of heat transfer and micro- and nano-technology. The goal of this work is to 'discover' materials which provide a more efficient coupling (e.g. conversion) between solar energy and useful thermal and/or electrical energy. . Learn more...

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